floral-design-class-orange-county-1-600                         Class Description: Students will learn principles, composition of color, color coordination techniques, demonstration of color in the color spectrum, and the color wheel will all be discussed. The four types of color: monochromatic, complementary, analogous, and triadic will also be covered. Another highlight in the curriculum will be arrangement and flower composition. This includes correctly calculating distance, size, occasion and location of the arrangement. It also focuses on floral arranging techniques and helps students find and bring out their creative juices. The course includes hands-on work experience with fresh and dried flowers. Students will learn the proper usage of basic design tools and mechanical supplies such as different floral foams. Students will end the course with a thorough knowledge about flowers, foliage, color scheme, and simple composition ideas. In this course light ribbon treatment for different occasions also will be covered. Classes Schedule & Fee: This 3-day course includes Registration, Floral Material, Floral supply (container, foam, Tape, and etc...) Will become the students own.  For:  $450.00 Class Days & Time : First Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of every month. Class Day & Time: For Classes Day Please Check Monthly Calendar of classes. 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Class Registration Form or Online Class Registration: