Class Description: A comprehensive course that prepares students for a wide range of entry level jobs as well as enhancement of skills in both floral design and shop operations. This course will cover proper terminology and purchasing and merchandising as basic requirements for the floral industry. Students will study the financial aspects of working in today’s floral industry by covering such topics as: daily financial reviews, pricing, margins, gross sales, expenditures, cost of goods, and income statements will all be analyzed. Strategies covering marketing techniques and how to capture major clients will also be studied. Wedding and funeral arrangement principles will be practiced on a higher level as well. The course concludes with students having a full understanding of color scheme, design principles, arrangement and composition, business standards, and techniques needed to excel in today’s flower market. Classes Schedule & Fee:  This 3-day course includes registration, Floral materials, floral supply (container, Foam, wire, Ribbon, tape, and etc...) will become the students own. For: $450.00 Class Days & Time: Third Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of every month. Class Time: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  (24 clock hour) Class Registration Form or Online Class Registration: